Custom Orders:


How are custom orders done?

-Give us your ideas and we’ll see if we what we can do to help out! We will stay in contact with you throughout the entire process in order to make your vision come to life. Actual processing of custom orders begins after a design is settled on and an order with payment is placed.


How long do custom orders take?

Once a design is design is settled on, custom orders generally take about 1-5 business days to be made and ship out unless otherwise noted.



Can I request an expedited custom order?

Custom orders can be made and shipped on average of up to 2-3 days sooner upon special request. Please note that there will an expedited order fee dependent on the size/complexity of your order.




Where do you source your materials?

All lumber is acquired from local lumber mills and woodshops. We try our best to reduce waste and use as much of our scraps as possible. Nearly all species of wood we use is grown domestically.


Do you outsource any production?

All production on regular products is done in-house at our shop in Ohio. We may occasionally outsource work on specific projects in order to make a better product. We only outsource our work to local businesses and other small manufacturers.


Can flags/signs be placed outside?

All of our flags and signs come standard with a coat of weather resistant lacquer on the face and sides. We do not recommend full exposure to the elements. They may be placed under an awning/porch roof. We do entirely recommend that though, as the rear side of the flag/sign may soak up moisture and cause gradual warping.


Can I purchase flags meant specifically for outdoors?

Outdoor flags are available upon request during our customization process. A different outdoor finish will be used. Please note that there are added costs to this and any pine flags will be made out of cedar instead. Prices on outdoor flags vary.


How do a hang my flag/sign?

All flags and signs come with sawtooth hangers, unless some other way of hanging them is noted/requested. Outdoor flags/signs may contain different hangers depending on where they are to be placed.